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“What a life! True life is elsewhere.” Is French poet Arthur Rimbaud’s famous Line in Ravings I.

Amazingly, it resonates philosophically to what Wang Guowei, a Chinese scholar in the same term as Rimbaud, describes to be the “third realm(Ching)” in Jen-chien Tz’u-hua: “I sought her in the crowd once and again. Suddenly, with a turn of the head, I saw her, that one there where the lantern light was fading”.

Metro Art, eLite Living! We combine all beautiful artistic inspiration with life, from traditional craft protection, cultural exchange to new aesthetic paradigm, to bring you original content, products and services of overall immersive lifestyle experiment.

Since 2010, we have been sparing no effort to focus on artistic innovation and popularization, and become one of partners of Dutch Culture Center in 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

ArtThat is the unique crossover platform of arts and lifestyle, committed to discovering, crafting and showcasing exceptional works, to lead a brand new trend from Creative to Collection.

ArtThat eLite

ArtThat eLite is an online pool of artworks submitted by artists from all over the world and also an international community for collectors, which can be used to select new work to sell, and intended to make collecting more transparent and fun.

ArtThat eMall

It’s easy to boost your online art sales and sell your original artworks plus limited prints, and derivatives through ArtThat eMall.


New Paradigm of eLite Living


Metro Art, eLite Living


Love and Hope: Art World Assisting Children Affected by the Japanese Disasters Exhibition and Charity Sale Supporter

LIU Tao Photography: A Hard Road to the Future Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
ZHAO Zhigang Paintings: Seen and Unseen Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right Group Exhibition Shanghai FotileStyle
Mottled Moss – Abstract Paintings of Jiang Zhenggen Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund

Matrix: Red White Blue – |Red Dream| Zhu Ye Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
Matrix: Red White Blue – |White Fantasy| Sandro del Pistoia Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
Matrix: Red White Blue – |Blue Desire| Elena Monzo Solo Exhibition Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund
DUANG Easter Eggs Art Invitational Exhibition Shanghai The Cool Docks
YTA Art Project: Chen Xiaohu | Be Sensitive Shanghai KOCA Art Space · South Bund

Design Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Exhibition Center
Francophonie Festival National
Croisements Festival National
Art Nanjing Nanjing
XIDW Xiamen Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center

USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry Partner

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