Art Crossover

at Sotheby's on June 22, 2018 in London, England.

Cross-border cooperation with art to create a better image and connotation for corporate brands and culture is also becoming a new wave of brand movement.

- Customized art cross-border activities, including planning and implementation of creative connotation of the brand, artist invitation, media communication, etc.

- Customize artistic gifts that demonstrate corporate culture and win higher recognition and loyalty from employees and customers.

Brand Case:

“The tipping point – We do art right” group exhibition

FotileStyle and ArtThat with its KOCA Art Space has cooperated to hold the group exhibition “The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right”. The exhibition has curated nine artists with different styles. Art works have presented different topics, forms and medias of each artist. Every art work is a tipping point and has triggered the diversity of the contemporary art.

The Cool Docks DUANG Easter Eggs Art Invitational Exhibition

The Cool Docks are honored to declare that the Cool Docks, collaborated with ArtThat and the subordinate KOCA Art Space, will hold DUANG Easter Eggs Art Invitational during the Easter events.

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