Croisements Festival, 中法文化之春

Croisements Festival, 中法文化之春

第十一届中法文化之春将于2016年4月29日至6月29日在中国的30座城市举办,展现45个项目,共计150场活动。本届艺术节一如既往地展现中法艺术合作的结晶。 The 11th Croisements Festival is taking place from 29th April to 29th June 2016. The festival will include 45 programs and around 150 events, in 30 cities across China.

The Sparkle of Absence

Tatiana Trouvé: The Sparkle of Absence

For her first exhibition in China, Tatiana Trouvé is presenting four architectural installations at the Red Brick Art Museum, as well as a series of large-scale drawings.

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(中文) 阿维尼翁和普罗旺斯,节日的乐土

(中文) 地中海的蔚蓝,鲁西永的褚石城,教皇宫粗糙的石壁,马赛周边的地中海小海湾……所有这些普罗旺斯-阿尔卑斯-蓝色海岸大区的精致细节都将撩动你的所有感官。

Closing of Love-cloture2_photo_marc_domage1

Closing of Love Pascal Rambert

In partnership with Beijing’s Penghao Theatre, Pascal Rambert directs a Chinese adaptation of his seminal work, Closing of Love.