XU Bing-Tobacco Project

Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art

The Yuz Museum Shanghai will mark its grand opening with the exhibition Myth / History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art, featuring many of the significant contemporary works in Mr. Budi Tek’s collection.


(中文) 香港佳士得将呈献2014年春季拍卖

(中文) 香港 – 佳士得将于5月24日至28日在香港会议展览中心举办2014年春季拍卖。春拍珍品将于亚洲6个城市巡回展出,届时亦会推出5个私人洽购类别。点阅本文了解本次春季拍卖焦点拍品及各项艺术活动重点介绍。

Yangjiang Group_After Dinner Calligraphy (Not Having Going and Coming Again)

Advance through Retreat

The exhibition Advance through Retreat takes place amid the larger backdrop of recent developments in Chinese society and art in mind. Retreat attempts to show, how, in specific historical moments, the use of or the retreat into tradition is employed as an efficient strategy of resistance.


Yang Fudong, New Women

NEW WOMAN*, a five-channel video installation, is Yang Fudong’s most recent work. It is inspired by the decadent atmosphere of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s, a period that has been captured in some of the best-loved Chinese films today and remains influential among Chinese artists.


Scratching the Surface

In addition to using charcoal, artist Douglas McDougall uses Stanley blades, sharply cut erasers, and coarse sandpaper to texturally scrape the surface of his drawings.


A Trickle of Realism

This is the beautiful hyperrealist art of self-taught painter Juan Carlos Manjarrez. His (oil on canvas) work has been displayed in various exhibitions in the United States and Mexico.