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We imagine, create and manage your brand in a new eLite Living scenario. “Always On” brands require a new way of MAM InArt Big Data(MAMIA), ArtThat CGIs(ATCGIs) and also CoWeMe iP-Lab(CoiP-Lab) to engage and guide their audience into a brand-new aesthetic feeling of life.

Meet Infinite Possible

Relying on our three cores, one trademark and two platforms, Metro Art Media provides one-stop “IP x Scene x Story” creative services and OxO New Retail solutions, helping to complete digital transformation and realize empowering new retail quickly and efficiently.

Art Crossover

Through ArtThat InBrand high-end crossover events, we help enterprises create a multi faceted presence that remains true to their brand and business.

Creative Scenes

We offer a number of creative scenes for the wide audience through customized soft outfit, local folk art experience, and gift cards to fulfill artistic spaces, cultural connotation of events and refinement of member benefits.

Mobile Solutions

We create exclusive, unique and clear presence of the brands design, and also scalable performance, responsive, and user-friendly mobile solutions.

Digital Marketing

We immerse ourselves in your business inside to identify potential opportunities with four effective communication quintessence: create hot topics, capture highlights of content, accumulate accurate public praise, and emphasis on sensory interaction.

eLite Partner

Join Metro Art Media and become our eLite Partner! All For You Need:

One – stop converged PC / mobile / WeChat applet
Implant real scenes and cases
Generate accurate traffic for brand upgrade

Through our database with near 100,000 audiences, including entrepreneurs, company managers, famous artists and designers, luxury property landlords, celebrities and other influential figures, we aim to provide high quality lifestyle content, collections and gifts and a strategic marketing platform to your brand and enlarge the customer base of our partners.

In the era of internet plus, win perfect exponential propagation for your brand, and step into the OxO marketing path of “IP x Scene x Story”, welcome to download our 2019 “eLite Living Empower New Retail” introduction.

2019 eLite Living Empower New Retail

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