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One – stop converged PC / mobile / WeChat applet
Implant real scenes and cases
Generate accurate traffic for brand upgrade

ArtThat eLite Page

ArtThat eLite Page can not only display brand image and issue official product and activity press releases, but also act as your main website, or integrate seamlessly into your existing website.

ArtThat eLite

ArtThat eLite is an online pool of artworks submitted by artists from all over the world which ArtThat eMall and our eLite Partners can use to select new work to sell, and also to assist artists to obtain growth certification and promotion at the same time.

ArtThat eMall

It’s easy to boost your online art sales and sell your original artworks plus limited prints, and derivatives through ArtThat eMall.


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Art Crossover

Cross-border cooperation with art to create a better image and connotation for corporate brands and culture is also becoming a new wave of brand movement.

- Customized art cross-border activities, including planning and implementation of creative connotation of the brand, artist invitation, media communication, etc.
- Customize artistic gifts that demonstrate corporate culture and win higher recognition and loyalty from employees and customers.

Why Choose ArtThat

Focus on artistic innovation and popularization since 2010
Partner of Dutch Culture Center in 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Love and Hope: Art World Assisting Children Affected by the Japanese Disasters Exhibition and Charity Sale Supporter

FotileStyle “The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right” Group Exhibition Co-Organizer

China – Italy Triple Exhibition “Matrix: Red, White and Blue”: | Red Dream |, | White Fantasy |, | Blue Desire | Organizer
Public Art Exhibition: The Cool Docks DUANG Easter Eggs Art Invitational Exhibition Co-Organizer

National Media Partner: Design Shanghai, Francophonie Festival, Croisements Festival, Art Nanjing, XIDW

USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry Partner

ArtThat eMall
ArtThat eLite

ArtThat Offical: http://www.artthat.net/en/
ArtThat eLite: http://artthat.net/elite/en/
Tel: +86 21 6373 3012
Inquiry: info(at)artthat.net
WeChat Public Account: artthat
Weibo: http://weibo.com/1490805130/

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