Design Meet Dance for ”Hong Kong Ballet” New AD Campaign

Today, Hong Kong Ballet is unveiling its most edgy, unexpected, visually stunning seasonal campaign:‘Never Stand Still’ reflecting well the cutting-edge vision of their new artistic director Septime Webre formerly of acclaimed Washington Ballet.

Conceived and gorgeously art directed in Hong Kong by DC-based creative agency Design Army, the campaign stars the classic dancers in the most anything-but-typical visuals—striking insane airborne contortions in surreal settings (from balancing dim sum pots on boats to donning Mad Men retro)—all backdropped by Hong Kong landmarks newly reimagined.

Fierce, graceful, gasp-worthy, and exploding with China rich red—there’s nothing conservative about it! Even the ballerina buns mimic the Hong Kong skyline in this eye-popping ‘design-meets-dance’ brand language that is instantly recognizable and undeniably Hong Kong Ballet.

All Image credits: Design Army and Dean Alexander

Hong Kong Ballet: Never Stand Still

Hong Kong Ballet
Artistic Director: Septime Webre

Design Army Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Pum Lefebure
CEO, Design Army: Jake Lefebure
Creative Director, Design Army: Sucha Becky
Art Director, Design Army: Heloise Condroyer

Director: Dean Alexander

He, Iris

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