New Generation of Collectors

at Sotheby's on June 22, 2018 in London, England.

It is time to put forth your own style with many different art collections.

It is time to improve your client experience and company culture with artwork that inspires.

How do you find your true love among tens of thousands of artworks?

Here, let art be at your fingertips!

Passion For Collecting Art

ArtThat’s “New Generation of Collectors” plan introduces an artist growth dimension model certification and exclusive collection service system, which guarantees the rights and interests of both artists and collectors in a new way and discovers, sells and purchases your love among tens of thousands of artworks.

You can take a picture of a work on an exhibition, art fair or catalogue at any time, connect with a private art advisor on ArtThat eLite (Sign Up Here) after uploading, and get professional evaluation and collection suggestions.

You can also discover new artists and unique original artworks and prints in our online art gallery — ArtThat eMall to help you find perfect artworks.

Through our easy, enjoyable and affordable way of engaging with art, you can:

– build a personal collection system of art
– optimizing the proportion of artworks in asset allocation

Therefore, whether you are an individual or a company:

Art is central to interior design. Through careful curating, we can perfectly match art with home style so as to improve your taste.

With your brand and budget in mind, our flexible leasing and exhibition options cater to companies of all sizes and stages of growth.

Connect (Sign In Here) with your personal art advisor now to help you find the perfect artwork for your space, style and budget.


New Generation of Collectors

New Generation of Collectors is the unique international community for collectors and intended to make collecting more transparent and fun. You can also use the platform to present works from your private collection, to share your favorites with like-minded collectors. Join us immediately (Sign Up Here) to gain more rights of eLite Collectors members:

– private courses
– private collection management
– invitation for high-end events
– personalized custom art gifts, etc


ArtThat Collections Catalogue

This practical global guide of annual ArtThat Collections catalogue will present 256 collections of art accessible to the public—large and small, famous and still undiscovered.

“They took the time to understand how we think and our home would not feel complete without their artwork.”

“We wanted to express our mission in a creative way that would inspire the employees at our new headquarters. ArtThat’s custom installation exceeded each and every one of our expectations.”

—ArtThat eLite Collectors

All artwork arrives ready-to-hang. Art Under $800 can be purchased outright only.
And eLite Collectors can purchase art through simple monthly installments, interest-free.
Shipping or delivery is billed separately at the time of checkout.
See our collectors At Home in the ArtThat eMall Guide.