LIU Tao Photography: A Hard Road to the Future

饥京Hungry Beijing No.34

刘涛 海报50乘以70CM转曲

Opening: 6th Sep, 16:00

Duration: 6th Sep – 20th Sep(Tuesday- Sunday 11am – 7pm Monday Closed)

Venue: KOCA Art Space•South Bund, Room 312, Building 2, the Cool Docks, No.505 South Zhongshan Road, Shanghai

For any inquiry, please contact 021 6373 3012

KOCA Reviews/Preface:

On the endless ruins and wilderness, the birds are circling over the large opening of the broken walls. The naked body lies on the unmelted snow, or reflects the flickering shadow of weeds, or faces the collapsing houses blankly. Liu Tao’s photos present the other side of the society to us in another way of selfie, which has become popular with the development of global social networks. Different from boasting oneself by selfie, Liu Tao placed his naked body on the ruins of the housing demolition, which is apparently meant to accuse the reforming society of ignoring or even disregarding the disadvantaged group.

It’s inevitable when the society keeps evolving. In the process of the history, each one is as fragile as the body, from state apparatuses to common people. Lack of the humanistic concern, no matter the city or the rural area, no matter the culture or the environment, will be confronted with the downhill and collapse. The helpless old woman, facing the loss of her home and the dramatic changes of her former life, could only choose to commit suicide when the urban village was being rebuilt. In the natural law, ants still have the freedom to migrant and choose where to settle down, let alone the individual human beings.

Although it’s hard to take a way unknown, the humanistic concern is always a big console. This is what Liu Tao makes us be aware of. And meanwhile, the following is also proven: the future is bright, while the road is tortuous.

Alan Huang / Translated by Crystal Wu

刘涛, Liu Tao

1985年出生于江西省高安市。目前生活和工作于上海。1985 Born in Gao’an city, Jiangxi province. Currently lives and works in Shanghai.

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