The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right Group Exhibition

The Tipping Point Poster

Title: The Tipping Point – We Do Art Right

Duration: 12th Nov, 2014 – 26th Nov, 2014

Opening: 15th Nov, 2014 3-5pm

Hosted by: FotileSytle

Organized by: ArtThat | KOCA Art Space

Curator: HUANG Yan

Artists: CHENG Guangfeng, CHEN Xi, HUANG Rongnan, LIU Tao, XUAN Chenhao, ZHAO Zhigang, ZHU Jingyi, ZHU Ye

Venue: FotileStyle No.8 Taojiang Road, Xuhui, Shanghai

KOCA Review/Preface:

Since the country was opened up, the fast food, cartoons, the fashion and pop songs have flooded in. They have always become the theme of culture and art criticism, as the generation of 1970s and 1980s grew up. In fact, we have heard too much of it.

And since the contemporary art developed in China so far, gradually coming into the horizon of the public, what artists created has become some popular symbols intentionally or unintentionally. With the promotion from the fast food, cartoons etc., these symbols have come into another round of popularity.

The both sides have been weaving together and promoting each other. As the American author Malcolm Gladwell mentioned in his book of same name ‘the Tipping Point’, it is stated that there is personal rules behind the popular trend, namely communicators, experts and salesmen. Same in the art market, curators, critics and managers play the similar role. Curators work as communicators who spread the art works through exhibitions; critics work as experts who explore the academic value; managers work as salesmen who translate the academic value into easy words for common people.

“We Do Art Right” is a kind of scoff or irony actually, “right” is meaningless for the art. Just as “We Do Art Right” comes from “We Do Chicken Right” in an advertisement of KFC, this art slogan was entertained by all sorts of Chinese translation, while its original meaning was forgotten. It is spotted that the strange exhibition themes by curators, over-interpretation of art works by experts and over-development of young artists by managers.

No matter if it will become the symbol or the tipping point, the artists in this exhibition have presented their mature ration and deep feelings, which the popular culture doesn’t possess. This is the only way to make a contribution to the culture heritage.

Alan Huang

Oct 2014 Shanghai

Translated by Crystal Wu

ArtThat, Editorial

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