Matrix: Red White Blue – |White Fantasy| Sandro del Pistoia Solo Exhibition


From January 17 to March 1, 2015, Koca Art Space is proud to present the China Italy Triple Exhibitions “Matrix: Red White Blue”: |Red Dream| Zhu Ye Solo Exhibition, |White Fantasy| Sandro del Pistoia Solo Exhibition, |Blue Desire| Elena Monzo Solo Exhibition. Let’s cross the matrix of art and open the door of the humanity.


The colors of red, white and blue which come from the French national flag originally have witnessed the evolution of western culture; the popular movie in the name of these three colors has been given more meaning and expression. They have influenced the life style and values profoundly with the development of the digital and web technology, the gradual integration of global economy, society, culture and social life.

The three colors, red for sincerity and fraternity, white for dignity and equality and blue for melancholy and freedom, together with dream, fantasy and desire form a matrix, which presents a contrast with the gradual total digitization of the world. The matrix attempts to explore the convergence and differentiation of humanity and thoughts with different cultural backgrounds in the word of globalization.

Three artists from China and Italy use different theme and form in an attempt to unlock the spirit puzzle, that is the desire to get rid of the common customs, to remove the envy and conflict among people and to reach the true freedom and equality of mankind, with the help of sincerity and fraternity of sex. In this art matrix, the Chinese artist Zhu Ye exhibits her overlapping graphical presentation of sex in the transparent acrylic boxes, the Italian artist Sandro del Pistoia brings his space sculptures made of magnetic and wooden stripes, and Elena Monzo presents her gorgeous portraits composed of silk thread, decoration objects, color lump and collage.

|White Fantasy| Sandro del Pistoia Solo Exhibition

KOCA Reviews:

The artworks of Del Pistoia can transform between architecture and sculpture freely, which benifits from his architecture background. Although he has not stayed in Shanghai for a long time yet, he has mastered the oriental culture and the aesthetic elements so well that he is able to apply silk to his artworks wonderfully in this exhibition.

Silk makes his usual hexagonal space sculpture and abstract city construction very light. The space formed in a fish belly triggers fantasy. The expanded city and individual desire are wrapped in it, surging but being confined. They seem to break through the cocoon. The attempt contracts finely with the titles “Go out to Sea” or “Travel with the Future”.

In the second level of “Matrix: RED WHITE BLUE”, white, which means dignity and equality, lays below the desire, but it is certainly the basis of humanity, like stretching space and construction. When this level is pulled away, all the expansion will lose the support and collapse.

Duration: 31st Jan – 13th Feb, 2015

Opening: 4pm, 31st Jan, 2015

Venue: KOCA Art Space • South Bund (Room 312, Bldg #2, the Cool Docks, No.505 South Zhongshan Road, Shanghai)

Curator: Alan Huang

Organized by: ArtThat | KOCA Art Space

For any inquiry, please contact 021 6373 3012

11am – 7pm (Closed on Mondays)

Email: [email protected]

WeChat Public Account: artthat

Del Pistoia, Sandro

Del Pistoia 1975年出生于意大利托斯卡纳大区北部城市维亚雷焦(Viareggio),在彼得拉桑塔(Pietrasanta)工作。Born in Viareggio in 1975, he works in Pietrasanta.

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