YTA Art Project: Chen Xiaohu | Be Sensitive


Title: Chen Xiaohu | Be Sensitive
Duration: 9th – 22th May, 2015
Opening: 4pm, 9th May, 2015
Venue: KOCA Art Space • South Bund (Room 312, Bldg #2, the Cool Docks, No.505 South Zhongshan Road, Shanghai)
Curator: Alan Huang
Organized by: ArtThat | KOCA Art Space

有感 海报

ArtThat and KOCA Art Space are proud to present the first YTA Art Project “Chen Xiaohu | Be Sensitive” in 2015, after 2011 YTA Online Exhibition. Let’s get through the narrative boundaries of his daily emotions and get into his powerful feeling, deep and remote blue, to eliminate the putative foe of life.

Be Sensitive

How many possibilities are there for life? And what are they when it comes to art? Chen Xiaohu went all the way through different stages of life and now as an artist with an aspiration to devote himself to art, focuses on further exploring the possibilities of his art creating. Never has he given up his brushes to paint no matter how tough life was from his rebellious youth to working as a pliers furnace worker in the steel plant which was known as one of the most dangerous and extremely exhausting jobs. Even later when life was getting better through his effort to have established his own company, Chen Xiaohu couldn’t help his enthusiasm for art, thus eventually became an artist. Not confused by the complexity of his life experiences fraught with ups and downs, bitterness and sweetness, Chen Xiaohu has gradually developed a unique way of simplicity for his expression in art.

A majority of artists reflect in their contemporary artwork the cruel reality of distorted existence of people in modern society through the images of celebrities under the spotlight or marginal groups that are ignored. Compared with them, Chen Xiaohu focuses more on what is going on in people’s everyday life with a keen sense of observation, which manifests the core of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy as to the ability of discovering the inner relevance in between. From his work Forest Of Desires to 8 1/2, Chen Xiaohu catches those special moments of the surroundings then transfer his feelings into the paintings no matter whether the image is an exceptional or a common plant, a stagnant portrait, an unknown toy or a blurred figure.

The depictions of ordinary life or some unexpected scenes in his paintings have contagious power in involving spectators, together with him, to explore the relevance behind. Put aside the abstruse artistic language and complicated painting skills, the audience may still enjoy interpreting his works with great significance through his expressions that are easier to understand. The talent of simplification as a character of his works is a reflection of his attitude towards life, as he said, “life itself weighs over art”.

Chen Xiaohu wrote down in his notebook, “I see my works as a way to record my life, my behavior and most importantly my personal philosophy to deal with everything in life-to be peaceful, rushless, straightforward and unsubmissive. To me, creating becomes an indispensible part of my life, just like eating, sleeping and breathing, without which I could hardly live. ”

Written by Alan Huang
Translated by Tracy Shen

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陈小虎, Chen Xiaohu


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