A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence

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Curator:  Chris Wainwright
Assistant curator:  Charlie Dutton/ Jin Songmin
Artist:  Bernd Behr,Paul Coldwell,David Cross,Sigune Haman,Johanna Love,Martin Newth, Chris Wainwright,Duncan Wooldridge
Duration:2015.7.25 —8.22
Opening :  2015.7.25 16:00
Add :  Cheng Art,B03,798 Originality Square,798 Art Zone, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel : +86 10 5762 6279

“A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence”, curated by the internationally renowned artist and curator Chris Wainwright at the invitation of Cheng Art, will have its opening at Cheng Art on July 25. This exhibition, which will be available to the public until August 22, consists of works by eight professional artists and photographers associated with Camberwell College of Arts at the University of the Arts London (UAL).

策展人 克里斯·温赖特

Curator:  Chris Wainwright

A Small Constellation of Photographic Evidence

Rapid advances in optics, engineering, data collection and remote access image capture to name but a few technological developments within the relentlessly expanding digital age, are some of the contexts that has provided photography with a multitude of threats, opportunities and challenges to the way in which it has so far represented our lives and relationship to the world.

We can now reach out into the stars beyond our planet into galaxies beyond the Milky Way. We can land cameras on and beam back images from planets and meteorites, and we can look back at images of the early days of the Universe.

On the other hand we can of course simply make images much closer to home of our family and friends, or even our enemies. The place we live and those things that define our visual identity through the accessibility of cheap image making devices and unmediated dissemination through the Internet, are all instantly available.

Photography has the potential to be more than this though, it allows us to be time travellers, to set a context for our image making that reflects time, duration, memory and the effects of the speed of light, mediated through our intellectual curiosity, our dreams and aspirations and inherent creativity.

This exhibition consists of works by a group of professional artists and photographers associated with Camberwell College of Arts at the University of the Arts London (UAL). Collectively the exhibition asks questions about photographic representation, about duration, technology, history and those aspects of our world that are conditioned by our physical dependency and relationship to our planet, but allows our thoughts to travel forwards and backwards in time.

All of the work addresses a constantly changing relationship to the world, with an awareness that photography itself is a medium that requires and demands a constant process of re-the invention to maintain its currency, often prompted by speed of technological change, market forces and shifting cultural values.

One of photography’s future challenges must be to render that which currently exists outside the visible spectrum as we move further away from what we know and to explore unknown parts of the Universe and our own minds, without losing sight of where we have come from.

Professor Chris Wainwright
Artist and Curator

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